Barbara and I have spent more than 10 months over the past two years cycling routes in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island, plus many more months writing the text for Bicycling Canada’s Maritimes, originally scheduled for publication in the spring of 2005.

Unfortunately a dispute arose between us and the publisher. The basic issue was budgetary. The publisher could not profitably invest enough on quality maps to represent the number of routes that we painstakingly described. Rather than cut the book drastically, elimating perhaps half of the routes, we decided to withhold the manuscript.

The good news is that we are self-publishing the book on CD-ROM. You will be able to read the entire text, with hundreds of color photos and scores of maps (which would have been too costly on paper), then print any or all of the rides and maps as you need them, with or without the color photos. As far as we know, a complete cycling guide has never been published in this way, and we are excited about the flexibility it provides.

The bad news is that the process of designing and producing the book on CD-ROM is taking many more months, so the complete book will be delayed for a year. That is, it will not be ready until spring of 2006.

The good news for some of you, at least, is that the Prince Edward Island section of the book is very close to completion. If you aim to cycle in PEI this August, 2005, we can send you a draft copy on disc. (Only a limited number will be available.) There will be no charge, but it will be a “rough draft” — that is, a CD-ROM copied at home with no packaging. All material will be in .pdf format. In return for the free draft copy, we ask only that you promise to send us corrections, comments, or suggestions when you return from your trip, with permission to quote you on promotional materials (if you happen to say anything nice about the guide!) Also, of course, we ask that you promise not to reproduce the material except for your own use.

About the Book
Writing a cycling guide to the Maritimes is a labor of love for us. Although we are U.S. citizens, our first real home as a married couple was on Prince Edward Island, all three of our sons were born there, and the Maritimes have a special place in our hearts. Cycling again in the Maritimes for this book, enjoying the glorious scenery, and seeing old friends has been a joyful experience for us, as we hope it will be for you.

We aim to make Bicycling Canada’s Maritimes the most detailed and useful guide for cycling in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and PEI. We will concentrate on the cyclist’s special needs:

  • Above all, detailed and accurate directions and maps for a large number of carefully-chosen routes, from easy half-day loops to long, multi-day tours.
  • Availability of food and accommodation along the routes.
  • Useful information on cycling matters that pertain especially to the Maritimes — weather, road conditions, appropriate cycling equipment and other gear.

On this website, we offer a brief overview of cycling in the Maritimes, with useful links, a few suggestions for accommodation, and sample routes from the book. (Only one route from each province — for the rest, you’ll have to purchase Bicycling Canada’s Maritimes when it come out!)